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Good morning everybody.

I am considering the acquisition of ETAP simulation software.

I want to use it to simulate and study the voltage recovery delay in our grid after a fault and its clearance.

The software must be able to model the synchronous generators with the reactances and time constants taken from its data sheet.

I want to check the time constants implications on the voltage recovery curves, specially if the generators are taking in reactive power from the grid, on a low load scenario.

I was told that ETAP is not the best software to perform this task because, in its simulation, the voltage recovers almost immediately. That the generators reactances and time constants are not accounted for in the simulation calculations. Even if I change them, I get the same results.

Fellow engineers told me DigSILENT software performs better in this transient simulations.

ETAP is a well known software in Europe so I need more information and advice on the software pros and cons.

Thanks for your help.
Having used ETAP it appears to me be simple and straightforward to use.
Looking at DigSILENT specs it appears more suitable for more complex simulations, and since it appears to be a German product more appropriate for use in Europe than US based ETAP.