Problems with serial port on Windows 2000


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Alexander Frenkel

Hi everybody,

I have some problems with serial port on Windows 2000 machine which I did not have had on a Windows NT machine. I am using Win API to read/write data to the serial port. The programm functions perfectly on NT machine, but on the Windows 2000 machine it seems, that after sertain time (this time is variable) I am not able to get any data from the port (the buffer seems to be empty).

Does some body know some thing about this problem?

I hope u can help me to solve this bug

Thank U,


Amyn Damania

Can you please furnish your communication program for Win NT 4.0?

I am facing communication problem in WinNT 4.0 but have been successfull in Win2K using VB (MSComm)

Amyn Damania

Madalin Dragancea

Did you try to install service pack 2 for Windows 2000 ?
Windows 2000 (Professional) with service pack 1 doesn't handle very well the RTS signal (with software written for Windows NT)

Has this problem been resolved? I am experiencing the same problem and am at a total loss.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


Werner Dierssen

Hmmm... Could someone help me too? I can use the RTS and DTR signals but I can't read CTS and DSR.