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Christopher Q

I am looking for solutions on producing and supporting Digital Theaters, including 50-100 custom integrated computers, LCD moniters, projectors and sound systems. These are controled by two layers of software, a network control layer and an application layer providing the multimedia interfaces and high end digital audio/video playback, all developed in house.

I am looking for helpfull suggestions as to how to organize and manage setup, installation, testing, and on-going support of these complex products.

All suggestions are definately appreciated as this is a tall task!!!!!!

Kirk S. Hegwood

Contact SMART Theatre Systems in Norcross, GA. Ask for Norm Schneider. What you ask for is what they do.

Kirk S. Hegwood
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Fritz Schwentker

I can suggest two resources offhand. First is the new edition of _Control Systems for Live Entertainment_ by John Huntington from Focal Press. This should be available from Amazon and other vendors. The text may seem a bit simple in terms of the control engineering details, but is very thorough as to the range of technology we have developed and adopted in our industry and
how it is all tied together.

A second place to look is the Show-Control mailing list. Subscription information at These folks are the ones who are the programmers, engineers, and systems integrators for
entertainment venues from Broadway to Theme Parks. The wealth of information they will share is impressive.

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Larry Lawver

Check out ITEC Entertainment, Inc. at

They have implemented systems similar to what you describe, and they are fun to work with!

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida