Profibus, CANBus, MODBus and Ethernet/EtherCAT on a ATMEL AT89C52


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Rayno Powell

Hi guys.

We have a project with atmal AT89C52 controllers. We want to implement Profibus, CANBus, Modbus and Ethernet. If anyone has done it before and would be so kind to share please contact me. Datasheets, code etc. all are welcome and much obliged.

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Thanx guys,

Heinz-Juergen Oertel

The AT89C52 looks a bit underpowered for me, and you need a lot of external chips. CAN, Ethernet, Profibus etc. On the ATMEL data sheet is remarked: "Not Recommended for New Designs. Use AT89S52." I would recommend looking for at least a 16 bit micro. If you like to stay with ATMEL, look at the ARM types like AT91SAM7. The SAM7X has CAN and Ethernet.


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John Rinaldi

I agree with the previous reply. Using an 8-bit device for Ethernet is silly. You will want a web server. You will want to support multiple networks. Very difficult to do all this with an 8-bit micro. Look at Freescale COLDFIRE and any ARM Controller. You will want an integrated platform (micro and CAN controller) plus Ethernet MAC. You are probably looking at some BGA device with several hundred pins. This is not a task to take on lightly. You might want to look at some module level solutions.

John Rinaldi
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