Programing Telemecanique + Modicon PLC's

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Amir Ellenbogen

Is it possible to program the Telemecanique 140-CPU-651-50/651-60/671-60 with concept 2.6?
Is it possible to program the Modicon 140-CPU-434-12A/534-14A with Unity?

Robert Willis

The 140CPU651xx and 140CPU671xx controllers can only be programmed with the Unity Software. The 140CPU671xx will require UNITY Version 2.0

The existing 140CPU43412A and 140CPU53414A can be programmed with Unity once the kernel and executive firmware have been updated with the Unity OS Loader. (These controllers require a minimumn of PV04 for the Unity upgrade.)

Robert Willis
1. No, Concept does not support them.
2. Yes, just re-flash them.

The newer CPUs are Unity only and the two larger 434/535 can do Unity if you re-flash the firmware.
Much to my own disappointment, no it's not possible to program the Unity PLCs 651/671s with Concept 2.6XL, HOPEFULLY LATER... However, it is possible to make the "old" 434/534 compatible to Unity software by updating the exec, but not the 113-XX and 213-XX, based on the following Schneider documentation.

"As both the 140 CPU 434 12A and 534 14A Quantum CPUs are compatible with Concept or ProWORX software, they can be upgraded to be compatible with the Unity Pro software without any hardware modification. This process of migrating from Concept to Unity Pro is achieved by updating the CPU operating system. This update is performed with the aid of the OS-Loader tool included with Unity Pro. The 2 upgraded processors (140 CPU 434 12U/534 14U) are then equivalent to the corresponding Unity processors"