protocol for PLC simatic S5.

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Ing. Cuitlahuac Picasso B.

Hi everybody. I don't know if actually the PLC series S5 from the Simatic is a good PLC specific TI/565. I wonder it, because I need to restore some of them. What protocol the manufacturer install on it? Actually are there spare parts? I know the siemens have all the answers, but they will tell me that i need to upgrade. Thanks a lot.

Gilles Allard

The TI565 PLC is a pretty old beast (probably 17 years old). It is a large rack with 2 processors, one for RLL and one for math. It was one of the first PLCs to provide PID loops and advances calculations. It supports up to 8192 I/O but I/O modules cannot be in the CPU rack; they are communicating with the CPU through coax or twinax cables. I/O bases may be serie 500 or serie 505. The instruction set is pretty similar to TI555 (also called Simatic TI555). The communication protocol is NITP and there are many drivers available since the protocol has not changed with more recent CPUs. It is still a usable PLC if you have enough room in your panel. Gilles

Khalil Arnaout


I'm just wondering if you were able to solve your problem of restoring the TI565. We have a number of TI565 and we are trying to locate spare parts for them.