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Joël van As

Dear viewers,

My boss gave me the task to establish a modbus tcp/ip connection between a scada (proview) system and a plc. I am a newbie in proview but as the most people in the ict world i am pretty much driven to learn it. I was wondering if anybody on this forum has some good tutorials or tips to learn this specific task.

Maybe this is a bit of stupid question to ask on a forum but i thinks its better to get tips or tutorials from certificated/experienced people than just random google on this specific subject. Also it is pretty hard to find good information on google about this subject...

Joël van As
Year 2 network administrator level 4 Scalda Vlissingen
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The link below is to a Chipkin's "Modbus for Field Technicians" document that covers Modbus pretty well, it's worth a look through.
It's specific to their stuff, but their explanations are pretty good.

Some PLCs support Modbus 'natively', as they come from the vendor, others do not. Sometimes the hardware/firmware for Modbus communications is optional and has to be added in the field.