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I'm looking for PWM power blocks compatible with a PMAC2 moution controller. Does anyone know a good compromise for Geo Direct PWM Drives from Delta Tau?
You might want to check out Copley Controls and Servotronix (Kollmorgen) special products, SP3 product line.
JY thank you for your reply.I know a SP3 product line from the Kollmogoren.But It has not a electrical input as 3*380 AC,only 3*220 AC or 1*220 AC.What about Copley Controls?I did not find any products for a direct PWM control on their web site.
I think Elmo makes some simple power blocks, We have used Copley's with direct PWM, I think there is even an amp that can use the Delta Tau direct digital connector.


Davis Gentry

MTS has an amp that used to be made by Semipower - these are some big PWM power blocks.

Davis Gentry
we have used the following:

Semi-Power - now owned by Custom Servo Motors - now owned by Parker... 120V, 220V and 480V versions were all available at one point, I haven't used one of these in a couple years. The units we have used have worked well and no failures.

Kollmorgen Servo Star CP3 series amplifiers. These are made in Israel and are robust well packaged units we have used the 3A continuous / 9A peak units at 120V and 240V single phase and 3 phase supply in quantities of exceeding 300 units with very few failures (probably fewer than 2 or 3) We have also used the larger units as well.

Delta Tau GEO series drives - we have little experience with these.

Most all of these applications have been brushless servo motors (rotary and linear) and setup / commissioning takes a little practice with the wizards, but is fairly robust if you know your way around a PMAC. The larger Semi-power units we have used were on ACVector motor applications (480V 30+A continuous).

Overall - this approach gives the best possible performance that we have been able to achieve in motor performance.
Grom, I don't have any resources of 380VAC block for PMAC2 direct PWM except Delta Tau Quad Amp and Geo Drive. Maybe using "down" transformer would be better to expand your choice.

Copley declared Power block as a legacy product per the site. I'm not sure if MTS still produce Power block because their automation products line sold to Park Hannifin two years ago. Hope this helps.
Elmo does have a wide range of drive products available which can interface with a PWM command signal. The AC input products can operate up to 20A continuous, 480VAC. Depending on your specific power requirements, either the Bassoon, Cornet, or Tuba would be most appropriate.

Out of curiosity, why is it that you are looking for something other than the Delta Tau drive?