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Kirk S. Hegwood

We are trying to have the PC query the tester with appropriate data and then save it to a database. I would be interested in any success or experience, the manufacturer of the tester and the software used.

Michael Griffin

What type of “electric motor tester” are you referring to? There are many different kinds which test different things, as well as many different types of motors to test.
There are performance testers (dynomometer, PI, simple no-load), coil testers (surge, hi pot, resistance, combined), noise and vibration (at least one company offers one which is combined with parameter identification), balancers, plus various simple tests (e.g. generated voltage).
In addition, different manufacturers have different designs, which can include embedded PCs or embedded custom computers. I have some experience with several different types of motor testers, but I think the answer to your question will depend upon the specific type and make you are using.

Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada

Kirk S. Hegwood

We will be testing AC motors, from fractional size to 150HP. The test must be performed while the motor remains in place but power has been removed. I’ve seen a number of testers advertised that have proprietary software that will test the coil & winding by measuring resistance, impedance, inductance, phase angle, etc. That is what I need, but a technician has to stand there and press buttons on the tester. I wish to write or use a program that will allow the PC to query the tester automatically instead of the technician. If the operating system of the PC was Windows based, it would be better.
Does that answer your question?

Kirk S. Hegwood
Hegwood Electric Service, Inc.

Michael Griffin

So we are dealing with a stator tester. I would infer from what you have said that this is to be used to test motors which have already been installed in equipment. I also infer from this that the test equipment you are familiar with is portable.
Motor manufacturers use fully automated test equipment. This equipment can operate completely unattended, and it stores the test parameters for the various different models they make and logs the test results. The setup for each test is generally defined through a menu system. Most of the newer stuff is controlled by an industrialised PC. Most of this equipment though would not be considered very portable though if that is what you are looking for.
Some companies which make test equipment include Slaughter, Baker, Fisher, and Axis.
Slaughter’s web site is http://www.hipot.com/
I don’t have web addresses for Baker, Fisher, or Axis, but if you are interested I could look up their phone numbers for you on Monday.
One company though made a system which used a custom embedded PC, and they put all the test hardware on just a few PC boards. This resulted in a fairly compact system which could be carried with a bit of effort. They were originally in the transformer test equipment business, but had decided to get into motor testing as well since the technologies were similar (although motors can have a lot more coils).
Their system could be interfaced to a PC for configuration, which I suppose could be a laptop. It is intended as a production test machine, and so is completely automatic. They may make other type of systems as well, but I am not familiar with their complete product line.
Voltech’s web site is http://www.voltech.com/
The item they show as being a transformer tester is the one I saw being demonstrated as a motor tester. The test fixure mounts on the top.

I don’t know where you are located, but if you are anywhere near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, you could stop by the Coil Winding show which is taking place there next week. You’ll see just about every type of coil testing equipment in existence there.
Manufacturing & Coil Winding Show
Cincinnati Convention Center
Cincinnati, Ohio
October 26 - 28, 1999

Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada
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