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I have 2 position switches that are mounted on two important sliding stem valves in our plant, both trigger trip (ESD). The position switch is very old, and can't find any info about it online.

Model: Gulde ef3

we are using other modern types of limit switches in our plant like simens 3SE5 and topworx DXS. The issue is I can't rely on Siemens switch for that application as it is critical somehow. Topworx is very rigid, but its mounting is very complicated, and I'm trying to avoid purchasing it.

If there are types that can be suitable to what I need, simple mounting and reliable, your suggestions are always welcomed.

"By wboyes on 26 August, 2008 - 12:38 am

As far as I know, Gulde control valves are part of Emerson. Contact your local Emerson or Fisher Controls office."

You may need to replace the valve too, but contact the current valve owner (Emerson) for advice.

If they cannot assist you, the original design, may require removal from service and shipping to a machine shop to build/install a new switch that passes your safety test and plant environment.
Talk to your valve supplier. I am sure that they have SIL rated limit switches even SIL rated proximity switches.

Your Guide valve may be a safety valve that has integrated actuator and limit switches and is safety rated as a complete unit.

A Google search for "SIL rated limit switches" finds hits from Emerson, Rockwell, Sick, P&F, etc.

good luck