Retrieving and writing data from S7-224


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I am implementing a Siemens s7-224 PLC to control several variables in a remote station.
I would like to have an interface running under MS Win98 (or Linux) that can allow the operator to use something like MS Excel to command the operation of the PLC in manual mode and provide the information of the variables in the s7.
I have read in Siemens' documentation that something like Software Wedge from TAL Technologies can do this, as can any other DDE server (note: can anyone provide me with information on this?) by linking the PLC to the application.
Does someone have a freeware solution?
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Take a look at Simatic MicroComputing.
It gives you an ActiveX control that will bring data right into Excel.


Burda, Jason M.

I don't know if your using an HMI already tied to your PLC system. But most HMI's have some sort of DDE link that allows you to write to excel once you have the PLC i/o info in the HMI. I have done this for a few applications on a GE 90/70 to cimplicity to excel apps. The first time it was a little rough (DDE Link syntax) after that not so bad.