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Can any one tell me how to pack data in PLC and to retrieve it back in HMI after a time interval?

James Ingraham

No, actually. The question is a little too vague. Which PLC? Which HMI?

Virtually any major HMI (InTouch, RSView, whatever) has the ability to trigger an event based on time. The mechanism for this is dependent on the the software, e.g. InTouch does it differently from RSView. As long as the PLC has some communications driver that the HMI package can talk to (likely OPC) it should all be easily doable from the HMI, regardless of the specific PLC.

-James Ingraham
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You can use the FIFO block if you are using Schneider PLCs and Concept. You can stack data into the block using PLC control and unstack the data from the HMI. You need a bit of code to handle the hand shaking.

Thanks JW,
I'm using gefanuc plc and cimplicity hmi. could u tell me how could i pack the data in plc itself and to get it in a hmi after a time interval. My objective is to get a sequential data recording at 10 ms.which is not possible by HMI. so i want to pack the data in HMI itself and get it back in HMI.