Reversing an Allen Bradley Servo

Should be a pretty simple question, y'all. I've just never done this.

An A-B 2094-AM02 module driving an exit conveyor in a vacuum sealing machine. The short belt is geared (MAG) to the upstream chains and receives two rows of product. a MAM then moves the rows to the end of the belt, and then a pair of MAMs drops one and then the other row onto a take-away belt.

We have to move the motor from the right to the left side, and so we have to reverse direction.

Can I just change polarity on the property panel hookup tab, or should I (or must I) execute one of the tests? Feedback or Command and feedback. If so, which?

Thanks in advance.

James Ingraham

You can just change the motion polarity in the property panel. No need to do a test, since you know it's going to invert.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.