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I am trying to pass tag values from RSview to an Excel spreadsheet located on the same PC. I am able to get KepwareEx to act as a DDE server and send values to Excel. I have also created a node in RSview from an Excel DDE server and can get values to go from Excel to a tag in RSview.

I am unable to have RSview be the DDE server and send data to Excel. Excel ask to start "RTdata.exe" and then the cell shows "#REF!". Here is what I have done.

In RSview went to System -> Startup and checked the "OPC/DDE Server" box. I also created a startup and shutdown macro which contains "RTDataServerOn".

In services.msc, both DDE services are running.

In Excel, in a cell I have "=RTdata|testdde!testval", where "testdde" is the name of the RSview project and "testval" is the name of the tag

Anyone know if I am forgetting something, or have any suggestions?

I am using WinXP Pro with RSview32 7.10 licensed.