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I have a DELL PC with a factory dual monitor card. In Display setting it only allows each monitor to be set with single monitor resolution values ie 1024x780 (not 2048x780 for instance).

When I open RSView32 I can drag the entire application between the two monitors if I first minimize it, but it will not allow me to drag from monitor to monitor once it has been maximized.

If I set the display settings on one graphic scrren at (0,0) and another graphic at (1024,0) they both appear on the same monitor soon as I go to run mode. Running two copies of RSView at the same time might work, but I don't know how to do that either.

Can someone help me out here?
I have used a dual monitor with DeltaV, they can be tricky to set-up. I suggest you get it going with a windows application first.

Have you checked with Rockwell?

Would you please explain or give me your DelatV configuration to have Dual monitor? In addition to a Graphic card with two output ports, we need to configure the "Setting user" file, could you help me?

It's a holiday here on Monday and unfortunately we no longer have the DeltaV in the office but I will discuss it with my fellow worker on Tuesday. Contact me directly and I will try my best.

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I checked my records, we did not require an additional license from DeltaV. However, we had to upgrade the Dell driver before the ATI dual monitor card would work.

Each individual graphic had a setting to tell it which monitor to open on.

I have some information which I could send if you e-mail me.

We have the same situation, and here is the best solution I have come up with.

1) Start RSView, but do not maximize it. If you are in run Mode, you will have to stop the project and click on the restore button in the title bar.

2) Now you can manually enlarge the window to fill both monitors.

3) When you close RSView, it will save the last screen position and size, so that next time you open it up, it will fill both monitors.

If this does not work, when you close RSView after sizing it the way you want, simply hold the Shift Button down when you close it. This tells Windows to save the applications window size and location.

Now, there is a problem with this method. If you want to start RSView32 automatically in run mode (with the /r switch), RSView32 automatically maximizes the window prior to running the application, which overrides the windows setting for the location. I have not found the answer to this yet, but I understand that there is a technote in Rockwell's Knowledge Base #8132 that concerns this, but you must have a TechConnect Support Contract to view it, and we do not. So, if you have a TechConnect, look there and see.

One other thing I have done is to purchase a little utility called UltraMon, which comes with a nice utility to maximize a window across both monitors. I have begun using that instead of manually sizing the windows (which requires the title bar to be enabled). UltraMon costs $39, so it is pretty cheap, and is a nice touch. You will have to write a simple Windows Script to open RSView32 maximized across both Monitors, but it is pretty simple. Contact me if you need help on that.

Good Luck.