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Trying to use numeric keys for window navigation instead of the standard Object Keys F1-F9. I would like to use 1 - 9. I've been told I could use VBA to capture what ever key stroke I need. I also tried using the macro's but since I'm new to RSView I believe my syntax is off.

Basically I have a numeric input Tag1 as my main input selection for my menu. Off of this tag I would like to navigate to any display screen.

Any help would be appreciated

you can go for the RSVIEW vba editor and write the coding. get the tag value of you'r numeric input if value is 1 show what screen you want to display.
Thanks for the reply, It’s truly appreciated, but its not specific enough…. It’s like saying I could do it in WW or FIX or some other HMI.

I know it can be done in VBA, the problem I’ve never done this specific task with VB, so if you could include a sample code that would be even better.

I know when I respond to this open forum I am as specific as possible, because I know that individual is asking for a reason.

Thanks again