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Hi gents,

I have been browsing the website www.rtpcorp.com and I am planning to use that in one of our company's project. I have heard of RTP PLC's before and I am under the impression that it is being used widely in the Nuclear Industry. I would like to know whether any of the registered users in this forum has used a RTP PLC system before and how do you find the Performance of the System and foremost would be the reliability of the PLC cards whether they fail quite often or robust. The reason behind this I have used other triplicated Safety Systems where I have encountered Card Failures quite often. Please advise.

I understand this topic is initialized more than eight years ago. Hopefully you are not using RTP now.

My opinion is DO NOT USE RTP PLC. Poor documentation, poor support. Poor HMI application. You can't image, you can not draw a straight line on the HMI, no mention other shapes. The only work around is insert shapes from a picture file.