SAIA how to convert IL into FUPLA from upl file


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Is there any way i can convert Instruction List program of SAIA PLC to FUPLA (FBD), i.e the upl file of our PLC downloaded was disassembled into IL.


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Not sure if responding to 2 year old posts is of any help, but anyway:
NO, you cannot automatically convert from IL to FUPLA.

That is; A FUPLA program is compiled into IL format and then linked and assembled to a .pcd file before downloading to the PCD. An upload (.upl) file is similar to the .pcd file in that both can be downloaded again and both can be disassembled into IL code. BUT, for the original FULPA code file, all graphical layout and references to FBoxes are lost. Also symbol names are lost, but this can partly be synchronized with the original symbol table. You will need the original PG5 code for this though.