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Scott Cornwall

The company I work for, Fisher & Paykel, has chosen to phase down its Programmable Controller (PLC) business to a support service only for
existing customers, and subsequent to this is selling the intellectual property from this business.

The Fisher & Paykel controller is state based (PSC = Programmable State Controller) and the latest product "GRASP" integrates state based
programming with IEC-61131-3 languages. The intellectual property includes substantial software developments and patented inventions.

Fisher & Paykel has for the past 7 years marketed the PSC technology in the Australasian region resulting in a strong adoption of state based control within a large number of different manufacturing sectors, but has now chosen to concentrate on core activities (appliance manufacture and healthcare).

Many of the subscribers to this forum are well versed with control technologies and as such may see an opportunity for their business to pick
up the technology we have developed, especially from a software point of view but possibly also from a hardware perspective.

If there is any interest I suggest you take a look at our website at to gain a more detailed perspective of PSC and GRASP. We
would welcome enquiries and look forward to discussing any opportunities that PSC may present.

Scott Cornwall

Layne Stafford


I know this post is old, but I see that you are still active on this site, so I hope you still may find this message.

I would like to speak with you regrading Fisher & Paykel PLCs and would appreciate it if you could personally email me at ([email protected]) with some contact details.


Steve Brewster

Anyone know where there may still be modules for PSC2 around? We need replacements for an otherwise still functioning PSC2 with a suspect I/O module.

Not bad for 16 years though!

Contact New Zealand, 03 477 2375

But if this is more than 1 month old, probably no longer needed

Steve Brewster
Hmm, yeah, that's getting pretty old now I'm afraid.

The only places I knew of that had this stuff were F&P themselves in Auckland and also a Water Treatment Plant in Nelson (near the Maitai dam if I remember correctly) owned by the city council. You could try getting in touch with the maintenance guys there and see if they know anything about it. Sry, but it was a very long time ago