Sample vb code for pc interface using pararel port


Abhishek Pareek

If You Want Parellel Port interfacing Through VB Then Make A dll in VC++ using Function inport and Outport Then Use This dll for Interfacing.
Hi there!!

I need to program VB to communicate with the printer port but from wat I know, we cannot use vb directly. So how can I program VC++ so that it can be called by VB? Also, how do I call or make use of the VC++ dll file in VB environment???

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Dave Trzebinski


I had the same problem when I wanted to make a VB game with a texture that rotates quickly.

VB could rotate a picture 1 frame per sec.
VC++ could rotate a picture 20 frames per sec.

I finally found out how to include custom DLLs.

i just want to ask if u have a code for parallel port interfacing... i badly need it for my project... i'll be using it for our design (score board). Thanks.