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I am working as instructor of PLC programmer in an educational institute and we are now in need of programming manual for GE FANUC PLC and Cimplicity software. could any one say me where can I find it in the official website I could find it out if possible. can some one send the example programm in Versa Pro Micro and Nano PLC and how to develop a project for Cimplicity software? if you can then it will be very helpful for the students community and I am very greatful to those who send it. pls could you mail the website address to "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected]
If you want a demo workshop you can download here
(Not that great,but...)

For Cimplicity Manuals

GE can probably send you a CD if you request it from their Sales Dept. The application will initially run for 4 days, then will shut down after 2hrs with no networking capabilities. Then you need to license it. $$$