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We would like to rebuild the Server from the start with XP OS. Is there a step-step procedure for installation. We were running this failed server as Master. We have 3 PC as Master-Slave-Client configuration. Few of my queries are:

1. We have XP OS with SQL 2003 Server installed.

2. Installation procedure for Monitor Pro 7.2 (CD Available with License).

3. We have the Slave server. How can we take the Graphic files and configuration from the running Server and what are the Application files to be backed up.

4. The Failed server was communicating with Schneider quantum PLC.

5. There is on OPC Factory server and Factory Link run time manager running. Do we have to install it separately or does this comes with the Monitor Pro 7.2 Software.

Appreciate if you could assist help asap.

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Thanks in advance

For installation just follow the instructions.

If your server failed and you have only graphic client you can't restore the server configuration.

If you don't have the backup of the server application (done with the FLSAVE utility), you can just copy the directory with the application.
If the communication was over Modbus Plus, you also need install the driver for the MP+ card.

The OPC Factory server and run time manager are installed wit Monitorpro.

Thanks Andrzej

Well I need the installation procedure for Monitor pro 7.2 if you have.

Will try to install, but I am not sure what needs to be backed up in Monitorpro like the APPLICATION,configuration and Graphic files. Normally we do a ghost backup but unfortunately the hardware needs change due to obsoleteness.

Is FLSAVE utility enough or what is the directory which i need to copy if I have rebuild from scratch?

Luckily our old HMI which is the MASTER do work sometime and we do suspect this could be the power supply or System board problem. If you could let me know I will take a backup based on your instruction.