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I am trying to set up a simulation circuit consisiting of an Siemens s7 PLC and Wincc 6. I have a mpi connection to the cpu, but when the scada is on runtime, I cannot go back online and change the status of markers, etc in S7, it gives a message saying the driver cannot be accessed. Access is only possible once The Wincc runtime is stopped. What the easiest and cheapest way to share the connection resources?

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You should be able to set up a screen in WinCC which will allow you to force bits or values in the cpu. WinCC also has the ability to open S7 itself and share the resources.
I am using a Siemens serial to mpi convertor, S7 and Wincc 6 both are running on the same PC, however I cannot monitor S7, whilst viewing graphics runtime in wincc, is this correct?. If not how can I share the resources?