Siemens Communications using 3964R

Hi all,

Does anyone have experince of cummunication with a Siemens S5-115U 944 using 3964R over the second serial interface ?

I have a Horner TIU 110 configured with the 3964R protocal but am unsure regarding the necessary FBs to call in the PLC and the parameters



Roberto Lizano

If you are working with a Siemens S5-115U and pobible using a CP-525 or CP-524 for comunications, you have to call ( in OB1 for instance)the next functions:

+ FB244 (SEND)

Both for handling information and with these parameters:

+ SSNR : Inteface number
+ A-NR : Quest Number (0 by default)
+ ANWZ : Indication word
+ PAFE : Error byte

The other parameters are irrelevant.
Also, you have to call into OB21 and OB22 this function:

+ FB249 (SYNCHRON): to sychronize.

wich paarameters are:

+ SSNR : Interface Number
+ BLGR : Data-block size
+ PAFE : Error byte.

I hope this information would help you.

Roberto Lizano

Sanjay Patel

Dear Friend

I have worked for communication on AS511. I prepared the software which can same thing that you want. Why you are not using AS511. Though I
have not worked on 396R I can do it. Why you are interested in 396R? because using AS511 u can communicate without CP card and you can
directly save price of CP card.


Sanjay Patel