Siemens S5 95U, 102U and 103U Communications


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I want to access data of a Siemens S5 PLC by another PLC or a computer via Ethernet. PLC's are 95U, 102U and 103U. Can I access data via programmer port? I can use a computer or another PLC, Is there any advice?

Gabriele Corrieri

There's more ways to connect to S5

No solution available as ethernet card on rack: the ways avaiable are:

a)IBH (also avaiable from Softing, process informatik and more) LINK S5: is a little box with AS511 interface built-in and ethernet port: it cost about 400 euro

b)Moxa (or other) converter ethernet to rs232, and a standard or self-built RS232 to current loop 20mA will gave the access to s5 via ethernet

c)cheap ethernet to usb converter, cheapest usb to rs232, self built rs232 to c.l. 20mA gave the same result: cheapest solution for a quarter of IBH solution, can serve more S5 station, disadvantages from high space required and not an 'industrial solution' ...

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My first advice would be replace the PLC by something modern. Step 7 has a very good conversion tool for the S5 software. Several S7 PLC's with Ethernet interface are available. Maybe use one S7-315 with ethernet and remote IO to replace all S5 PLC?

If this is not possible there are some solutions to connect S5 to ethernet by PG connection. Also there is a OPC server which can be connected with a PG to serial cable. Use a PC with multiple serial ports to conect multiple PLC.

Although I have used these in the past I can't find them with Google now.