Siemens Step 7 PLC Remote partner CPUs


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Paul Pierce

I have 2 PLCs on a DP network. I need to monitor two particular digital inputs on on the remote partner. I cannot add any code to the remote partner (i can see it as i have its hardwre profile) and need to monitor the digital input as it happens. Has any one any ideas on how to do this.

If it is not possible maby you can tell me how i can get the remote PLC to send it to me. But that would be a last resort.
If you have 2 PLCs on DP network you can connect to the other PLC by DP network. You just have to check active nodes and you will see all the active stations on DP network. You click on that station and then you can monitor all I/Os you want.
I think what you can do is to, transfer you input to a word or double word, then define a global data in the network assistance and there you can setup one plc as a sender and the other as a reciever. So you would send the word you define from one plc to another word you define to the other plc, I hope this works for you.
If you like to monitor variable from digital IO you can use the variable table to the the actual values.

If you are interested to transfer the current values to another PLC you could use the PBK communication. For PBK you have to setup a S7 connection to the other PLC via NetPro. Open NetPro, select one CPU of a station , double click into the connection table and configure a connection (remote CPU, DP Card,Connection ID). Download this configuration to the PLC. Now you can use any kind of PBK SFBs(8,9,12,13,14,15,22,23) to transfer data over this connection to the other plc.

I hope that helps
As far as I know you have to transfer it as a word/byte/bit or whichever desired. I dont think one plc can view another plc on a dp network unless it is being sent to one another. Under hardware configurations the actual bits need to be setup for transfer. I.e. setup I100.0 to see O100.0 from the other one and vice versa.. its been about 6 months since I had to do it but thats the way we were recommended by siemens.