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can i connect a PLC Simatic S5-95U to a industrial ethernet network?

what module can i use for this.?
It is possible, but it will cost a lot of money if your using an ethernet communication card.

It's possible to use the PG port, and connect this to a serial port to TCP/IP converter.

But for both it will take a lot of time to let it functioning well.

In this case if the PLC program is simple, it's better to change your hardware to S7.
Should be possible using COM Port Servers and TTY Converter combination. You can use a OPC Server like KepserverEx for collection and distribution of data over the network.
Haven't actually tried it but am sure it'll work.


Ashish Atre

Daniel Chartier

Siemens never made any module to connect the S5-95U to Sinec H1 or TCP/IP; no connection to Industrial Ethernet is possible with these CPUs.
There are communication processors for H1 available for the S5-115U, S5-135U and S5-155U.
Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier