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Hi all,
i'm pretty new in this field.
For university purpose i have to develop a IDS (or maybe just some short rules) for scada systems.

so i was wondering if there is any software that can help me to simulate PLC-> HMI communications and vice-versa (if possible in modbus).

can anyone help me in that?

thank you in advance.

Pete McIntosh

You'll need a master and a slave. best bet is ModSim and ModScan. Both are very easy to use.

both can be found here.

If you are developing your SCADA system on .NET platform, then I prefer to visit to

They have many device drivers for various protocol communication.

They are giving 300 transactions limit in demo mode, which is well suited for test purpose.

Also , they are giving, example project for help purpose.

So, you can download MODBUS TCP/IP Slave, MODBUS TCP/IP Client application from their website.

Dixit Solanki

Fred Loveless

You can download KEPServerEX and us the Modbus Suite. The Modbus TCP driver can be used in slave mode and you can read and write to the Modbus registers with its test client (OPC Quick Client) and also you own client. The server supports OPC DA, OPC AE, OPC UA, OPC .Net, iFix Proficy NIO, Wonderware SuiteLink, DDE, and NetDDE out of the box.

There is not tag limit in demo mode and the demo mode (2 hrs) can be restarted by saving your work, stopping, and restarting the server.

Fred Loveless
Applications Manager
Kepware Technologies
Thank you all for the replies. i was busy these days. i'll check all of your answers.

thanks again.