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Hi All,

I am trying communicate with SLC5/05 over Ethernet. IP Address is set and sub net I can communicate with DF1. I have configured RS Linx driver to "Ethernet IP Driver". But RS Who cannot find this SLC. It can find other PLCs, CLX and SLCs on same network. If I configure RS Linx driver for "Ethernet Devices" and add IP address above then RS Who can detect SLC under Ethernet Devices and can go online but still SLCis not shown under "Ethernet IP Driver".

What could be the problem?


Bob Peterson

The RSLinx Ethernet/IP driver has some quirks. I have seen this one as well. No idea why, and AB tech support's answer seems to be to use the regular Ethernet driver.

One network I was using had close to a hundred devices on it. They all showed up in the Ethernet/IP driver except one that would only work with the Ethernet driver. IIRC, it was a SLC5/05 and other SLC5/05's on the same network showed up in the IP driver.

It's a mystery. Maybe by now AB has figured out what the problem is. If it really bugs you, maybe a quick pass through the knowledge base or a call to tech support might answer the question.

I was using a PLC5 with a NET-ENI module a few weeks ago. The Ethernet/IP driver only showed the NET-ENI module and not the PLC. The Ethernet driver showed only the PLC and I had no trouble getting online that way.
Some older Ethernet/IP devices do not support the List Identity command. That is the command that allows RSLinx to find it during a browse. You must use the "Ethernet Devices" driver and manually tell RSLinx the IP address of the controller.

Also some older SLC 5/05 processors do not support Ethernet/IP, instead they use a precursor protocol to Ethernet/IP known as CSP or AB Ethernet.
Hi, Thanks for the reply. Is there any work around to fix it like upgrading firmware, etc. except changing SLC processor. Also any idea on which series / version below have this problem?