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David Cole

Can a Allen-Bradley SLC PLC communicate to a Mitsubishi ANS PLC ? I know both can have modbus or ethernet capability, possibly even profibus with third party hardware.

All I need is to be able to monitor values within the SLC using the Mitsubishi.

David Cole
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It will not happen through Ethernet, unless the Mitsu can decode the SLC formatted packets. Not sure about Modbus. Never done it with a SLC. Probably a pain though....

If it is a SLC5/03 or higher, and your distances are not too ssevere, I would try RS-232. ASCII programming on a SLC is pretty straight forward, and you could just send a string of data that represented the needed values. Does the Mitsu read ASCII easily?

--Joe Jansen

Preston Todd Johnson

One way to have the PLCs comunicate is through a SCADA package. National Instruments has one that sports modbus and SLC and some Mitsubishi protocols. A low end PC running this SCADA package would allow you to map the PLC registers to one another.

Not a direct cable solution, but just an idea.

Todd Johnson
Interspace Electronics
Mitsubishi do not allow 3rd party comms directly to the CPU.

To connect to the AnS, your best bet is via a serial comms card. Set it up for "format 1 protocol" and use a SLC basic module to connect to the Mits comms module. You could send ASCII commands from the SLC processors serial port as well if you need only a few words of data but the Basic module to AnSj71xxx comms option is the more solid one.