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Prof.,Dr., Sergey Y. Yurish

Smart Sensor Systems' 02 (May 27 -30, 2002, Delft, The Netherlands)

A four-day advanced engineering EUROPRACTICE course awarded the Quality Label by the European Commission's EuroTraining programme, organized by Delft Institute of Microelectronics and Submicron Technology (DIMES) and Delft University of Technology, Lectures are given by top experts from universities and industries. The prerequisite for the course is a basic knowledge of electrical circuits and systems.

Course will be taught in English. Each attendee will receive a certificate of attendance at the course.

Short description: Recent developments in the field of smart sensor systems are reviewed. After a general overview and introduction system details are discussed, concerning: sensor principles, tandem transducers, smart analog interfaces, A/D conversion, busses and digital interfaces, DSPs and microcontrollers. Also a systematic approach towards the design of smart sensor systems is presented. The lectures include case studies and hands-on demonstrations.

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