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Abhishek Ranjan

Hello sir,

I'm an engineering student of 'Instrumentation & control' & I'm making a
project on 'Smart Transmitters' & I want to know all about it. Can you
help me.I'll be waiting for your reply.
My mail address is '[email protected]'.
I'll be very grateful to you.


Smart XTR's have a buit-in solenoid in the manifold that enables to rezero from the Control Center.
It's not a substitute to proper calibration.
One could invent the wheel around remote calibration.
Smart : means other things, like all sorts of information (Instrument tags, range...bla...bla
Rosemount would be a good source of information for a start.
hello Abhishek,

Smart transmitters are provided by Fisher-Rosemount AKA Emerson, Honeywell, Hartman and Braun (spelling could be wrong), SMAR, E&H, Fuji and so many others.
What is the parameter or parameters of your smart transmitter (temperature, presure, flow etc.).

Smart transmitters have an intelligent electronics that give digital data which give out the various parameters

Smart transmitters may also have intelligent sensors which may allow it to be autocalibrated, however, i am not aware of such systems. Even if they exist, for a final safety measure it is recommended by most to carry out lab calibrations.

Visit vendor websites, check out, <> and
other sites.