Speed Controller for brushless DC motor


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Sandeep Shah

We are in search of a reliable and cost effective alternative to replace the existing speed controller / amplifier for the brushless dc
motor. The motor is rated for 482 watts. The motor is supplied with 48 VDC to achieve the speed and torque requirements from the existing
amplifier. The motor has Hall effect sensors for the commutation. We use -10 to +10 VDC for the speed reference signal.

It will be a great help, if you share your experience and suggestion regarding the brand and type of the speed controller / amplifier.

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-Sandeep Shah
Advanced Motion Controls makes an excellent amplifier for all types of servo motors. See "www.a-m-c.com":http://www.a-m-c.com , and take a look at the Brushless DC
Amplifier product section. They offer both DC and AC input voltages, and have a wide variety of power options.
There are lots of people who do this. AeroTech do some very versatile compact drives for such a device. These also incorporate programmable motion control/computer interface features for easy remote control. So do SSD Eurotherm Drives & McClennan Drives. Try their web sites.

Bill Schonlau

I recommend that you examine the Allegro3936 and related products, they may provide what you need in one little package at very low cost.

- Bill Schonlau