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Tom Cook

We have a Symax/Symate PLC 400 system and cannot locate the software for it and would like to do some adjustments to the ladder logic.

Does anyone remember anything about this system? Is there someplace we can purchase a copy of the SFW375 software (and 'KEY' if possible)? Is there a newer programming package that will work with it?

I would really appreciate any help or leads.

calvin smith

good morning Tom

At schneider electric i found a tech. doc on the
sfw472 software it is compatable with the 400 series
You will have to contact you local sqd rep.
part # class 8010 sfw472.(sfw472 has the security key)
As for the com interface you need there are 3 options listed
class 8010 type SFI510
sylink network and RS-422 interface board
class 8010 type SFI610
ethernet communication interface for IBM compatable pc
class 8030 type ICM200
RS-232 TO RS-422 isolator/converter module
which one of this option you need ask the rep.
hope this helps
calvin smithh
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Robert Willis

Check with your local Square D Company distributor and they will be able to assist you. The 8010 SFW375 package will not operate correctly with Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 or XP. The latest package is 8010SFW572 (WINMATE Programming and Support Software)

Robert Willis
Have you contacted Schneider PLC support (1-888-266-8705) to see if there is a service tech in your area?

There is "no key" SQD PLC s/w available. Your issue may be finding a PC to run it on. Last time I used it I had to run a "slow DOS" program.

Jim Rozewicz

You can contact FasTrak Softworks, Inc., who continues to support and sell software for the Symax. PLC WorkShop for Square D (DOS) is the name of it, and it is very similar to the old Symate + or the SFW software. It supports all the files from those applications, and it is even capable of running under Windows 2000 or XP. Feel free to email me at [email protected], or go to our website at http://www.fast-soft.com