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Mohamed Sakr

Dear Goup

I have I have HVAC system, and it's Building Automation System form Staefa, the problem is I wants to add some Air Handling Unit (AHU) to the BAS but I did not have the the rights for the developemnt role. if anybody know how can i solve this problem specially we need to do this job by our self not though the Staefa agent.

Does any body advice me how can i get a new software from Staefa, Does they sale only software or I have to contact them to do this form me.

Mohamed Sakr

Bouchard, James [CPCCA]

We use the former Landis & Staeffa software ( Now Siemens Building Systems
). At least in our case the software for the controllers comes with the
controller but you have to do your editing line by line. If you want
something more interesting you have to purchase either their Insite or
Apogeee products. Still you need someone who is knowledgeable in the use of
their programming language and the requirements of the devices etc. We have
almost always used them to do our work and had good results. We are in
Montreal Canada and have local support for these systems.

If by rights you mean the ability to modify the programs or create new ones,
then you only need to get the systems administrator to give you those rights
and you can make the changes yourself. As a security measure different
classes of users are created with more or less limited rights. You may just
not have the correct user class to make changes.

James Bouchard