SUCONET A RS232 protocol for PS 4-201-MM1 KM PLC


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Zeljko Fucek

Hi All,

I would like to have some information about SUCONET A Klockner Moeller PLC PS 4-201-MM1 protocol (message format, parameters, etc.).

I would really appreciate if somebody could send me any information about it.


Zeljko Fucek

Glenn Wouters

It is based on a RS485 specification and communicates at either 187.5 or 375 kbps.There is a Suconet Implementation Kit availble for a fee that will show you how to implement a Suconet network device

There is a SUCOMA protocol that is RS232 and can communicate with the programming port of the PS4-201-MM1 and all other PS40 series PLC;s. In fact there is a DLL available for free that allows you to both read and write to all the internal registers (marker words). This DLL works with all Microsoft Office applications and programming languages such as Visual Basic or C++.

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