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I require a device or analyzing system for measuring or detecting sugar level in the condensed water from evaporation unit in a sugar factory.
Sugar concentration is also known as Brix.

K-Patents is great for on-line measurement of concentration.

sushant chanana

Prices are too high!!!
Any other economical & accurate solution??
microwave analyzers do come but any make which manufactures with pre-calibration!!
Like sought of plug & play..

Romulo Rodriguez

what we do here in Venezuela is measure the conductivity of the solution... if it is too high then some sugar is in the condensate.


Romulo Rodriguez
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sushant chanana


If i compare K-patents brix analyzer which costs approx 14 K USD & microwave based brix analyzer which cost approx 4 K USD. Difference of 10 K USD!!!!

K - Patents: 0.1 %
Microwave: 0.2 %

Another difference is Microwave analyzer has to be calibrated on-site whereas K-patent's is Pre-calibrated. Since here we are talking about specifically sugar industry which can't appreciate the difference of these two factors (difference of 0.1 & accuracy hardly matters & they are hire an engineer for precise calibration) & is not ready to pay SUCH AN HANDSOME Amount (10 K USD more!!!)

So,the justification of paying such huge price is completely ruled out. If anyone can shed some light on justifying such a price in a SUGAR INDUSTRY and can justify ROI,then i will be more than happy to shift to K-Patents.

Sushant Chanana
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Go get a bench top lab refractometer which is highly accurate and much lower cost than the k-patents in-line analyzer.

Send a lab guy out once or twice a shift, take a grab sample and run it.

Give the report to the operater who can tweak the valve a bit.

Then you've met your requirements: low cost and accuracy.

Bruce Durdle

But don't forget that a grab sample is an instantaneous sample of a small volume of fluid - if not very well mixed, you can get into some very interesting statistical situations.
I agree, Bruce.

I'm guy who pays the big bucks for an on-line analyzer because as Mr. Boyes says, I "need the measurement" in order to achieve a certain quantifiable level of control.

But, the OP's stated criteria are "Any other economical & accurate solution??"

His criteria don't necessarily mean even a decent process measurement, to say nothing of decent control, but they're his criteria.

Sushant Chanana

Hello Issac,

I appreciate your low cost solution. But here you missed one of the MAJOR CRITERIA viz to measure online and good accuracy for an effective control.

Microwave analyzers fulfill all the above!!

Sushant Chanana
sushant.chanana [at]

Romulo Rodriguez

very interesting discussion on how to measure brix. but what everybody uses is a conductivity meter as an alarm of possible contamination of the return condensate from the evaporators. Please refer to the part "Conductivity Test (Boiler and Condensate)" in the following link:

Let me quote for you:

"Conductivity can also be used as a quick test for condensate contamination. For this purpose a multiple range conductivity meter (or one designed to accurately read conductivity under 100 micromhos) should be used. The conductivity test can be used as a simple and accurate method of blowdown control; but, it should be used for this purpose after a firm correlation has been established between conductivity, total dissolved solids, and chlorides."



If the sample is Homogeneous and you would like to measure Sugar Concentration. I suggest go for Density Meter working on U tube Oscillating principle. The accuracy is high 0.00005 g/cc. I am aware of Anton Paar as the best in this. The transducers are connected to evaluation unit which can easily be connected with PLC controls(if required). The project cost is about 9000 Euro. The same can also be used for ethanol measurements. Let me know if you need more details