Syncing two rotation machines


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This is a real world issue, not a school project. I am the plc engineer trying to sync two machines dropping on a conveyor. They drop say 50+times per minute.

These machines are about 5 feet apart and will be sharing the same conveyor. The machines drop products on a common conveyor. We don't want to drop packets on top of each other. There may need to be an offset between the two machines. Instead of dropping packets at the same time the slave machine may drop before or after the master machine. The machines are basically identical, both have encoders. I am sending the encoder and speed of the Master machine to the slave or 2nd machine. So any ideas what my logic will look like. I am using RS5000 and a CompacLogix plc. I have some idea but any body want to give me their thoughts. How can I control the speed of the slave so that I can sync it to the master or control the phasing so they always stay in sync?