Tag logging problems with WinCC


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Maria j Palacios

We are trying to generate some tag loggings in order know when a motor has been started and topped. So, we have create a new Process Value Archive with the Tag Logging Editor and define several loggings (on status change) for digital tags (start/stop) When making the Report, if we create a new layout, as long as we have a stand alone proyect, we should not use the Dinamic Table object TagTableRt Multiclient (the one with and ADD button) to include the tags, but no other option is displayed. We where told by the Simens hot line to use the pre-define layout @tlrtab.rpl which include a TagTableRt (not Multiclient). There we chose the created Process Value Archive and the desired tags inside it. But when generating the Print Job we only get a row with the name of the tags, time and date. The tags were internal and it status had been changed several times. So, any idea why it is not working? Or any suggestion on how to generate such kind of loggings in another way? Tanks!
I've been working with WinCC since version 1.x (now 5.0) and although it's not necessarily an exact answer to your question, I've noticed that binary tags are not necessarily displayed correctly in trends (graphical charts). Using ODBC access you can check directly in the runtime database (not a separate database prior to version 5.0) if 0 > 1 and 1 > 0 transitions have been recorded and timestamped in the archive.