TCP/IP and Profibus to Siemens S7 PLC


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Peter Placek

Does anyone know whether there is a SW package that would provide an access to Siemens Simatic S7 PLCs via both TCP/IP and Profibus? If so, is it possible to communicate also via H1?

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John Coppini

applicom international ( makes a communications processor (pci2000eth) that communicates with s7 plcs via ethernet and profibus simulataneously via 2 ports. data is presented to applications on the pc via opc, dde, dll, etc.

Hitesh Raval

Yes You can try Siemens Win CC for Simatic S7 communication it has built in drivers for Profibus and h1+some other drivers like GE fanuc ,modicons MODBUS etc

Alternatively you can use INTELLUTION and try to down load SH1 Driver for H1 communication and other drivers as required by you from Intellution's Web Page

You may also try Citect which provides more then 256 built in drivers for communication and it works well with all PLCs.


Hitesh Raval
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