TCPIP communications between GE Fanuc VersaMax CPUE005 & S7-400


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Hemant Patil

I have configured GE Fanuc Versamax CPUE005 for EGD telegrams to be sent & received with Siemens' S7-400. However the communication doesn't succeed. Both the ends send the telegram successfully but none of them is able to receive. The GEF PLC transmits this data on a default port 18246(dec). Is there any restrictions on the Siemens side on this port number ? I am familiar to EGD configuration at GEF end and have suceede in communicating amongst GEF CPUs. Can somebody please help me on this ?

Prasanth Gopalakrishnan

You might want to check how this port (18246) is represented in the Siemens and GE Side. I think GE is an intel processor and hence little-endian. If the other side is different, you need to do a byte order conversion to get the data through.

Could be a possibility? Not sure.

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Are you using unicast or multicast? are you using an address such as 224.x.x.x or something like I'd be very surprised if the Siemens would receive multicast in a "free protocol" manner.

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