Temp errors

Good day,

We are currently having issue with our MS5001 gas turbine exactelly in centrifugal compressor thermocouples. the GT is stopped and the Lub oil circulation is in service.
As mentioned in pics, some of thermocouples r good (TE 623, 626, 650,653) & the rest r out of range!!
We checked them both in site nd in the pannal of MARK VIe ( the entre of I/O pack Thermo), we found them approximately in the same value (22C°), but in HMI r in wrong value as they mentioned.
We thought that the problem lies in the pack & termibal board card as long as they r clignatant in red LED, so we changed them & Pb remains the same!

Please kindly assist with any info on what to do next & Thank you for your help and your patience.