Testing Modbus Plus networks


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George Moore


Do you know if there are other software tools available other than DOS 'MBPSTAT' to test MODBUS PLUS networks? I've looked at the Modbus protocol and decided it was possible to write a windows program, but I can't be the first to think about this (reinventing the wheel).


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Pro Worx Nxt... a windows programming language for modicons. the training is now by square D who bought modicon...

Anthony Kerstens

Look at the files on the driver disk that came with your Modicon MB+ card.

It should have C library files. I haven't used them myself, but I imagine you may find something useful in them.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
Schneider have a Modbus Plus Driver Suite ver 4.20 that come with the new
MB+ interface cards which includes
LNET - 32 bit interface driver
WVDD - 16 bit virtual driver
RNET - Tcpip remote to MB+ local interface driver
EMBX - ethernet bridging software driver

Or go to http://www.modbus.org

Rob E.