The operation mode of OMRON PLC


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I want to understand about the operation mode of PLC when it is connected to a Host link computer, which use the ActiveX module to monitor and active the execution condition of the PLC program.
Dose anybody know this application and the setting of the PLC?
The C200HX PLC will be used in my project.
Please! Thank you very much!

Luigi Faccio

dear KK,
regardless of which software are you using to communicate with your plc, the Omron C-series got 3 distinct modes:
RUN mode: the program runs normally, but you couldn't change any memory area, be it DM, AR, HR and so on, nor force/unforce single bits;
MONITOR mode: the program runs normally, anyway you can change all the areas above mentioned and force/unforce bits;
PROGRAM mode: the program execution stops, you can change areas and force/unforce bits.
The startup mode of the PLC can be defined by modifying a special area called PC Setup area. If you use one among LSS, SSS, Syswin or CX Programmer, it is easy to find and modify this area, alternatively you can write the DM6600 with one of the following values: 200 for Program, 201 for Monitor and 202 for Run. These values will force the next restart of the PLC to happen with the desired mode. I do not know which ActiveX you are using, although is fair to suppose is CimQuest one. In this case you should set the PLCMode property at either 1 (Monitor),2 (RUN) or 3 (Stop or Program).
By default, when connecting to a fresh new PLC you should enter the RUN mode, anyway is better choose immediatley the Monitor mode.
I hope this will be useful to you.