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Caitlin Kannapell

My name is Caitlin Kannapell and I am a high school student at duPont Manual in Louisville, Kentucky. I am interested in doing a science project involving thermocouples and I was wondering if you could offer any assistance. Right now, I am looking for a good diagram of a thermocouple so that I can better understand its mechanics, and I source (preferably a cheap
one, as my budget is very limited) from which I can possibly order a thermocouple or the materials necessary to make my own, if I can. Thank you for any help you might be able to offer.

Caitlin Kannapell

Brian T. Smith


Here are some web links where you can find information about thermocouples: article with general info and links. source of thermocouple materials. diagrams and theory
of thermocouple.

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as far as buying a thermocouple (t/c), you can get a piece of t/c wire and twist the end together. a thermocouple measures the temperature wherever the two metals are touching.

here are a few places to try. just call them.

jay industrial technologies, ask for inside sales. explain your story and ask for three feet of type "j", three feet of type "k", and three feet of type "t". this might cost them a whopping three to five dollars.

you can also try a & a mechanical- jeff baise (pronounced baze). he would have type j and k.

if no luck their email me back and i can get u some.

good luck.

> caitlin:

Let me suggest you something:
Someone above gave you the Omega link, then ask for the Complete Handbook of Scientific and Engineering Technical Books. You will love that compendium.

From there, look for three low price paper bound
reprint from NBS
1. IPTS 1968 monograph 125
2. Temperature measurement in Engineering (1)
3. Temperature measurement in Engineering (2)

You will have something in hand to start with.