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Stevan Simmons

We are considering a control system replacement with this S/W H/W system. If you have experience with it please respond. I'm particularly concerned with reliability of the hardware (D4-470-NT and DMS 12.1 in touch panel)
as well as any issues with Think and Do product.

I have used the products for 4 years. I haven't had any trouble. I like the Think 'n' Do Software. However, making the HMI seems to take forever as compared to VB. I have never used the D4-470. Most of the applications I use this for are not High Performance.

Gerry Moore

We have been using Think & Do and AutomationDirect 205 & 405 I/O hardware for two years now for a vacuum control system. We use also WinPLC as stand-alone systems. The Think and Do logic engine is very reliable and flexible. Be sure to install it on top quality industrial computer.
I don't care to much for the flow chart programing scheme, I still believe that ladder and Visual-Basic are better (more universal). It would be great if T&D would use VBA for logic. The MMI builder is straight forward. The COM/DCOM and OPC support is OK but need better documentation. The customer support is great.
The AutomationDirect hardware is reliable and the best deal for the money but if you are doing a lot of motion control, well there is better stuff out there.
Overall, its a good deal.