TI 315 and 330 programming manual


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Stephen Wright

Does anyone know where I can get a programming reference manual for a TI 315 and TI 330 programmable controller?

Marie-Claude Lamothe

Don't know if this can help but TI PLCs were bought by Siemens a few years ago. Maybe you can try their technical support line at 1-800-333-7421.

Michael Griffin

No. The TI 300 series was made by Koyo. When Siemens bought TI's PLC division, they sold it for a few years as the Simatic-TI. Koyo now sells these PLCs themselves, including over the internet as Automation Direct. I believe that GE used to sell these PLCs before TI did. So the history was GE, then TI, then Siemens, and now Koyo directly (as Automation Direct). Siemens developed the S7 series as an entirely new product range, with no connection to the products which Koyo sold. The S7-200 series covers the lower end product range which the Koyo PLCs used to fill for TI (and Siemens). The S7-300 is a completely new product which covers the lower to mid range. ********************** Michael Griffin London, Ont. Canada [email protected] **********************