TI545 PLC communicating to TP170B Touchpanel via Profibus


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Paul Darby

Has anybody used a Siemens Touchpanel to communicate with the old reliable TI545 via the Profibus (CP5434-DP) card?

I can get them to see each other using Com Profibus to create a binary file to merge into Tisoft and using Protool to configure the TP170.

I have also loaded the Ladder program on to the 545 supplied with Protool specifically for DP comms.

I have created tags for X, Y, WX, WY, V and C locations but cannot get any to work.

Any knowledge or suggestions greatly appreciated!

Ranjan Acharya

I have not experimented with this type of HMI and a TI545, but why are you not using the PROFIBUS-DP front port of the PLC instead of an add-on PROFIBUS-FMS card.

We have used the 5434 a lot when we need PeerLink over PROFIBUS or straight FMS, but never to a third party device.

I am using the PROFIBUS-DP front port - and I have got it working with the help of Siemens in Houston (good old TI people!). The comms requires the use of XSUB blocks in the Tisoft program to call a driver written by Siemens.
It works very well once it is set up!