Time Stamp difference in GE Workstation and OPC UA client

I am trying to extend GE Mark Vie DCS alarms to third party system. We have learnt that the third party system supports OPC UA service hence, we have configured one of the Workstation as OPC UA server and enabled client certificate and established communication.
There is a issue here that the time stamp observed in GE Mark Vie Alarm viewer (Device Time) and OPC client (Device Time) are different. OPC Client reading a delay in device time. Can some one help me is that ok? or is there any way that i can reduce the delay??

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The NTP (Network time protocol) may not be setted /configured properly...
I advise you to search on that side..
For a global time synchronization.

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Thank you for your reply.
Actually in alarm server events and OPC UA alarms, we have device time stamp. if there is difference in NTP settings then i believe that should reflect on recorded time. (Correct me if i am wrong). I did a simulation with controller clock different with workstation clock and observed device time stamps recorded same in both OPC UA client and GE workstation Alarm server. But when we go live, I observed there is a minimum of 80ms difference in device times.

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Plz have aread on page 112 till 114 of GEH 6721 Vol1 ...

All necessary informations on NTP configuration and operation is well described also how flow between client & server are done...
I'm assuming you are looking at the alarm variable via normal OPC UA data, not the OPC UA alarm and event interface. Basically, the alarm system in the Mark VIe timestamps the actual transition of the alarm variable, but the OPC UA (non AE) timestamp is that of the EGD exchange carrying the variable, which is a periodic data source. Hence, the two timestamps will not be equal, and you lose some precision on the exact time the alarm or event occurred if you're just looking at the periodic data.

If you want the actual alarm timestamp you'll have to consume OPC UA alarm and event data.