Turn on light´s in my house using a PC


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Fabiano Nunes

I would like to know the cheapest way of how to turn on the lights of my house using my PC!!
I need a network? I need to develop my own program to do that? Which is the easiest way to do that??

Thank you

Archie Jacobs

The cheapest way would be to use an I/O module with 5VDC input and 120VAC output, such as an Opto22 part # G4OAC5, and use the data lines from the paralell port to turn it on and off. You can write a program in any language to send values to the paralell port with print commands. I have used entrelec part # 10 131.14 to do this to control a valve on the plant floor, but the entrelec requires a 24VDC power supply. This will run you in hardware costs all of about $15 per light.

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